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Mindfulness and the Art of Living

Maybe you have asked yourself, what is the purpose of my life? The author—mindfulness instructor, clinical psychologist, and practical philosopher — offers this answer: The purpose of your life is to have a good life. That simple idea is the center around which this deeply philosophical, yet surprisingly practical book revolves. 


Mindfulness has an essential role in the creation of one’s good life: in the management of stress, anxiety, and worry; in working through painful feelings and difficult thoughts; in living gracefully; in cultivating wisdom; and in one’s spiritual life. The whole of that endeavor, to create a good life, is considered the art of living. 


This book is clear, informative, and practical. It begins with the basics of mindfulness and mindfulness practice. But ultimately, this book shows the reader how the simple practice of mindfulness is both multi-tool and fulcrum when it comes to the art of living.

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