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Mindfulness and the Art of Living

From the Perspective of a Clinical Psychologist


Michael Wizer



Maybe you have asked yourself, “What is the purpose of life?” Michael Wizer—mindfulness instructor, clinical psychologist, and practical philosopher—offers an answer to that existential and daunting question. The purpose of your life is to have a good life. According to Wizer, it’s that simple. And the answer becomes even more understandable and practical with Wizer’s Mindfulness & the Art of Living.


Mindfulness has an essential role in the creation of one’s good life: in the management of stress, anxiety, and worry; in working through painful feelings and difficult thoughts; in living gracefully; in cultivating wisdom; and in one’s spiritual life. Wizer explores how mindfulness will help you feel good, be good, be yourself, live well, and be wise. The whole of that endeavor, to create a good life through mindfulness practice and skill, is considered the art of living.


About the Author

While many claim to be a jack of all trades, few embody it like Michael Wizer—tango instructor, developer of picturesque Moline Court in Northside, and clinical psychologist. Wizer started meditating as a teenager, learning from many respected teachers from the United States, Burma, Thailand, Korea, and Japan. After earning a Psy.D. from Syracuse University, he had the good fortune to travel and study for a year with the renowned scholar of comparative religion, Huston Smith. Before becoming a psychologist, Wizer taught meditation and has continued to do so throughout his professional life. He moved his psychology practice in 2017 in Northside—where he and his partner, Julie, have proudly called home for over ten years.

Mindfulness and the Art of Living

SKU: 9781736599143

“Michael Wizer has distilled the essence of a lifetime of mindfulness practice into this delightful book. It is a wonderful overview for beginners, and also gives subtly advanced points for experienced practitioners. Dr. Wizer skillfully guides the reader to mindfully create a good life!”

Richard W. Sears, Psy.D., author of Mindfulness: Living Through Challenges and Enriching Your Life in This Moment


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