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Mindfulness and the Art of Living
From the Perspective of a Clinical Psychologist

"Michael Wizer contributes generously, spaciously, and imaginatively to the question: what makes life most livable? His insights on mindfulness are pragmatic to the bone — the kind of ideas that those of us who seek balance, integration, and presence of mind should take seriously. Serious as his insights may be, Wizer writes from a posture of playful curiosity and cavernous joy; his work is both a comfort and a call-to-action. I commend this book (this offering, this gift) to any and all who seek a deeper walk with what it means to be singularly present in this wildly complex life." 

– Olivia Hamilton,

MDiv, Curate, Calvary Episcopal Church, Cincinnati, Ohio


"Michael Wizer has distilled the essence of a lifetime of mindfulness practice into this delightful book. It is a wonderful overview for beginners, and also gives subtly advanced points for experienced practitioners. Dr. Wizer skillfully guides the reader to mindfully create a good life!" 

– Richard W. Sears,

PsyD, author of Mindfulness: Living Through Challenges and Enriching Your Life in This Moment, Cincinnati, Ohio


"Dr. Michael Wizer has been a mentor and collaborator in my work with patients for many years. This book totally embodies the process I have experienced firsthand with patients we have shared—the rich but specific workings of mindfulness and how his insights have guided patients to seek that ‘good life’ he hopes all of us may experience. His joy in living is contagious!" 

– Pam Lockwood,

MD, PhD, Cincinnati, Ohio


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